Emma McSharry

Grow your Ideas - Motion Graphics

The brief of the project was to create a 60 second animation based on the word “creativity”. Three concepts were explored, and one was chosen to further develop. Imagery and illustration were explored as well as text, music and sound. All illustrations and typography were hand drawn, which resulted in an organic feel and natural, relaxing mood. 


The theme of the animation is the creative process. I created an analogy between the creative process and a garden blooming. The idea was to express how final products never stem from only one idea. Many directions are explored before settling on one to further develop. Much like a growing garden, ideas take time to reach their full potential, so it is important to be patient and enjoy the journey.


"When a garden is planted, not only one seed is planted. Multiple seeds of each variety of vegetable or flower are planted, which create a beautiful, balanced garden. The young vulnerable flower must be nurtured and protected so that it will grow to be part of a beautiful garden. The goal with new tender ideas is to protect them and encourage them."