Emma McSharry
box set

Ricardo Bofill - Packaging Design

Made of cardstock, the cover unfolds to reveal an abstract photograph of his appartment complex “La Muralla Roja”. The cutout on the front imitates the long rectangular windows found on the building.

The mandate of this project was to create a box set encompassing a book and a USB key based on an architect. Ricardo Bofill's use of colour and geometry in his apartment complex, "La Muralla Roja" captured my attention. The box as well as the cover of the USB is made out of wood and are painted pink and blue to match the colour palette of the building. The book was created in InDesign and is perfect bound. It includes a simple, modern layout with delicate details such as eyebrows and folios placed on the side and top of the pages. A sleeve was developed to keep the book in place and further express the geometry and grid-like structure of the building, as well as the many staircases integrated around the walls.


Printed on french fold, coated paper, the book contains information on the architects life, accomplishments, his post-modernist style and a gallery of his most famous work. Information spreads are interrupted every few pages with large quotes written in a bold serif font which brings life to the paper and keeps the reader engaged.

© Emma McSharry





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